Kamisori Straight Razor Review

The Kamisori Straight Razor is one of the high-end razors. It is a little on the expensive side with a price around $111.67, but you do not want to purchase a cheap straight razor unless...

Dovo Shavette Review

The Dove Shavette is a straight razor. It is imported from Dove, Solingen, Germany. It is a sleek looking blade for the small price of $33.99. It is very lightweight unlike some other straight...

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

Many of us have a problem with sensitive skin. You can buy some of the best razors, and they will irritate your face. If you are like everyone else with this problem, you are...
shave ready razor

The Shave Ready Razor – Worth Buying?

It's very hard to find a "shave ready" razor that really lives up to expectations. Be very careful when choosing one online. Most of them are trash.
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Manly Gifts For Men – What Could Be Better?

Can you think of many manly gifts manlier than these?