three different-sized butterfly safety razors

Top 8 Best Butterfly Razor Picks You Can Get

The butterfly razor, also known as the safety razor, has gained popularity lately thanks to its vintage appeal and less irritating shave. These razors have been used since the 1900s. Their particularity stands solely...
merkur razor-Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

Review: Merkur Razor

That super soft, close shave feel on your skin feels like butter, doesn’t it? If you haven’t used a safety razor, you may not really know what that feels like. But first, do you...
vintage straight razors for sale

Finding Vintage Straight Razors For Sale

When you are buying some vintage razors, you are most likely to be dealing with other people. Follow these tips to learn where to buy from, and what to look out for.

Finding The Best Razor Strop: Review, Technique And Comparison

For those who have made the switch to a straight razor, there’s a bit of a learning curve. It’s essential to maintain that razor properly so it will stay at optimum sharpness for a...

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

Many of us have a problem with sensitive skin. You can buy some of the best razors, and they will irritate your face. If you are like everyone else with this problem, you are...