The Best Razors For Men Are Not Gillette

Why "The best a man can get" really isn't the best a man can get.
a stylish Van der Hagen men luxury shaving set

Van der Hagen Shave Set Review – a Premium Luxury Product

One of the most popular luxury shaving kits on the market is the Van Der Hagen Shave Set. The product we'll be concerned with in this review is the Van Der Hagen Shave Set....
Derby Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

Derby Razor Blades Review – Features, Pros, Cons & Price

The Turkish razor company Derby is one of the most popular names in the wet shaving community. These blades are particularly well known for giving users a safe and smooth shave. As a result,...
Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: A Safety Razor That Stands Above The Rest

T he Edwin Jagger DE89 is a safety razor with a heck of a reputation. It is a safety razor that really stands above the rest. If you’ve researched razors or looked up wet shavers, you’ve...

Discover Your Best Wet Dry Electric Razor in 2019 – 6 Recommendations

Many electric razors nowadays are waterproof and can work both in and out of the shower. This wet/dry feature is extremely convenient for men who are always on the go. Whether you like wet...