Straight Razor Shaving Kits

When looking for the best shaving kits, you really need to know what to look for, what a good kit should include, and which ones we recommend.
Safety Razor

Making The Switch To Wet Shaving – Switch To A Safety Razor

For most guys, shaving is just something that goes with the territory. It’s not fun, it’s not enjoyable, it’s just another chore that you try to get out of the way as quickly as...
Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor: What Works Best?

Cartridge razors and safety razors are two of the most popular shaver types currently available. When comparing safety razor vs cartridge razor types, users are often confused as to which one is better for...
a collage of two images, one showing the Van der Hagen safety razor box and the other featuring a young man giving a van der hagen razor review

Van Der Hagen Razor Review: Is This Safety Razor Worth It?

One product that’s causing a stir in the male grooming world is the Van Der Hagen razor. Though some may not know it yet, the kind of razor blade you use makes a huge difference...
a straight razor and a vintage shaving kit

Top 7 Travel Shaving Kit Choices

Shaving is a grooming task most men have to work into their routine in one way or another, and that doesn't stop just because you are traveling. When on the go, it is important...