badger brush and makeup kit

The Badger Brush Review : Made From Natural Hair

There is more to the brush than you might think. Believe it or not, the quality of the shaving brush matters to ensure that your shave is the smoothest shave ever.

What Makes A Good Shaving Brush? The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want the best shave and you're using the best shaving cream, you need to make sure you're applying that shaving cream properly. The only proper way to apply it is with the...
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Top 6 Best Simpson Shaving Brushes on the Market

For professional male groomers, Simpson is synonymous with great shaving brushes. Founded in 1919 by Alexander Simpson, this London-based company continues to handcraft every single one of its award-winning Badger brushes. As...
a vintage-looking shaving kit with a shaving brush and two razors on a standing support

Top 6 Best Shaving Brushes to Consider in 2022

There are literally hundreds of shaving brushes to choose from today. But what are the best shaving brushes out there? If you're just getting into wet shaving, it can be a great...
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Plisson Shaving Brush Review

Plisson, a widely acclaimed French company, is known for its upscale shaving brushes. Many people who have heard about these products feel some apprehension because they came from using other excellent choices...