micro touch one

Review: Micro Touch One – A Safety Razor That Uses A Double Edge Blade

The Micro Touch  One razor is a double edge razor or DE razor that is reminiscent of the days long gone when men used to crowd around the barber shop and talk...

Badger Brush Shaving Set – The Best A Man Can Get?

Does your shaving kit contain a badger brush? If not, why on earth not?!
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Shaving Gifts For Men In 2013

Looking for shaving gift ideas for men? Try something new this time, and give them a gift that will last for life.
Finding the Best Badger Fur Shaving Brush on the Market

Finding the Best Badger Hair Shaving Brush on the Market

Are you looking for a brush to help you with your shaving? Need something to make all those hairs smooth and easy to manage? If so, you may want to incorporate a badger fur...
Mickey Lee Soapworks

Why Mickey Lee Soapworks Is Your Shaving Savior

Like many of the best companies that are making shavings soaps and other skincare items for men (and women), Mickey Lee Soapworks started from the home of someone that wanted to know what was...