vintage shaving kit with supplies in bathroom

Top 5 Best Shaving Cream Options Men Have in 2019

There are literally hundreds of shaving creams on the market. With all kinds of cream from easily available gels to artisan creams, it can be almost impossible to choose the best shaving cream for...

Cut Throat Razor Gift Set Buying

Choosing a cut throat razor set as a gift for somebody is a great decision. Make sure you choose the right set though, or the good intentions could be short lived.
a round shaving soap and a shaving brush

Pre de Provence Shave Soap Review

Shaving soaps are the perfect way to prepare your beard for a nice close shave. They generally produce superior leathers and have a variety of moisturizing ingredients that are perfect for soothing your skin...
Shaving Mug

What Makes a Good Shaving Mug? The Ultimate Buying Guide

H ow do you know how to choose a shaving mug or bowl? It’s actually a more difficult question to answer than you would think. There are multiple different materials and styles for you to choose...
a blue container of Jack Black post shave cooling gel

Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel Review

The Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel is one of the hottest – or, more accurately, "coolest" – aftershave gels on the market. There are tons of glowing reviews online for this exceptional product....