Shaving Mug

What Makes a Good Shaving Mug? The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Best Parker Safety Razor

Best Parker Safety Razors to Buy

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shaving soap bowl

Shaving Soap Bowl – Build Your Lather

What exactly is a shaving soap bowl and how do you go about using one? This is the first post on the subject, feel free to ask questions.
Best American Made Straight Razors to Buy

Best American Made Straight Razors to Buy

Straight razors have become very popular over the last decade. It might be because of the incredible shaving experience they offer or just because of the decline in quality of mass-produced razors....

Top 6 Best Styptic Pencil Options for Shaving Cuts and Nicks

Youngsters just starting to use a safety razor are bound to get a few nicks and tears on their faces. Heck, even professional wet shavers get a few cuts from time to...