Shaving Mug

What Makes a Good Shaving Mug? The Ultimate Buying Guide

H ow do you know how to choose a shaving mug or bowl? It’s actually a more difficult question to answer than you would think. There are multiple different materials and styles for you to choose...

Badger Brush Shaving Set – The Best A Man Can Get?

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Mickey Lee Soapworks

Why Mickey Lee Soapworks Is Your Shaving Savior

Like many of the best companies that are making shavings soaps and other skincare items for men (and women), Mickey Lee Soapworks started from the home of someone that wanted to know what was...
merkur shaving mug gift set

A Shaving Mug Gift Set – What Should It Include?

There are so many to choose from! How do you know which is the best shaving mug set?

Best Aftershave

Shaving is very important for men. It’s considered to be one of the essential chores for most women to be done on a regular basis.  However, men don’t seem to understand that using the...