Cut Throat Razor Gift Set Buying

Choosing a cut throat razor set as a gift for somebody is a great decision. Make sure you choose the right set though, or the good intentions could be short lived.

Cheap Shaving Brush

Is it possible to find good quality shaving brushes for a reasonable price? Yes it is!
micro touch one

Review: Micro Touch One – A Safety Razor That Uses A Double Edge Blade

The Micro Touch  One razor is a double edge razor or DE razor that is reminiscent of the days long gone when men used to crowd around the barber shop and talk...
close up barber shaving man's beard with straight razor

Top Four Best Shaving Lotion Choices for Smooth Shave

Shaving is painful without a shaving cream. The best shaving lotion softens and moisturizes your face and beard. It enables the blade to glide smoothly to prevent facial nicks, bumps, and cuts. However, not...
Shaving Mug

What Makes a Good Shaving Mug? The Ultimate Buying Guide

H ow do you know how to choose a shaving mug or bowl? It’s actually a more difficult question to answer than you would think. There are multiple different materials and styles for you to choose...