a blue and black a jar of Jack Black shaving cream

Jack Black Shaving Cream – an Honest Review

Jack Black is a well-known name in male grooming circles. In addition to aftershaves and colognes, Jack Black produces its own pre-shaving creams. The most popular Jack Black shaving cream in the company's portfolio...
shaving gifts for men

Shaving Gifts For Men In 2013

Looking for shaving gift ideas for men? Try something new this time, and give them a gift that will last for life.

Best Aftershave

Shaving is very important for men. It’s considered to be one of the essential chores for most women to be done on a regular basis.  However, men don’t seem to understand that using the...

Stop Shaving Cuts Bleeding

Of course, it's always best to learn how to shave in the first place, and avoid cutting yourself by concentrating, shaving without distraction, and keeping your blade in good condition. If all else fails, use one of these.
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Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave Review

The Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Toiletry Company is one of the world's most respected producers of bay rum products. Originally founded in the 1870s in Ogallala, Nebraska, this company has a long history of...