Can you use electrical razors abroad

The question ‘Can you use electric razors abroad?’ can be answered by a rhetorical question, ‘do you need to shave while abroad?’ There is need to shave while abroad especially if you staying for a long time abroad.

Many countries abroad use electrical razors. Electric razors are known for their efficiency and high speed of operation. They maintain the consistency and frequency hence do not leave patches of hair on the face. Although many countries use electrical razors, their specifications are not the same. This is because each country uses different structural and levels of voltages. When using an electric razor abroad, it’s good to consider the following factors: Plug, voltage and Hertz (Hz).

Plugs- This is an important factor to consider when you are abroad. We all know that you cannot fit a square peg in round shaped hole. Likewise, plugs abroad have different shapes and hence will not fit into electrical receptacles from other countries. For instance, the rectangular U.S plug does not fit the round shaped European receptacle.

To be on the safe side, you can check the type of plug a particular country abroad uses. You can find the plugs easily in hardware stores and in Amazon online store. It’s recommended you buy individual plug adapters or a package of them. These adapters will fit in every receptacle in the world.

Voltage- It’s very important to know the voltage of the country you are visiting. Every country uses different voltages in their electrical devices. If the rating of the voltages abroad is not within your device working range, it’s important to have a power converter. Failure to this can lead to damage of your electrical razor. However, some electrical razors are dual voltage. This means they can handle small and high voltages. You only need to adjust the device.

Hertz (Hz) – This refers to the frequency the equipment repeats or cycles. In the U.S, the standard frequency is 60 Hz per second. Different countries use distinct frequencies. Therefore it is very important to identify the type of frequency used abroad. The differences if not catered for, can affect the razor. It may make the razor burn out or wear out faster than normal. Nowadays, we have electrical razors that auto detect the changes in the frequency and adjust accordingly.

Considering the mentioned factors will fundamental in preventing problems while abroad. Everyone will like to enjoy a clean shave despite geographical location. However, many hotels have dual voltage plugs to cater for the differences. Therefore you can use electrical razors with ease abroad, only if you consider the named factors.