If the only knowledge you have of razors are the disposable ones then you are missing a lot of the wonderful technology that razors are made of nowadays. Electric shavers provide you with much comfort and freedom. If you choose the perfect electric shaver for yourself then you are able to reduce the amount of time that you would have to spend shaving.That is why it’s very important to choose the perfect kind of shaver and in order to do so you have to consider all of the offerings produced by long standing personal care product manufacturers, like Remington. Throughout the 1800s, Remington was manufacturing high quality electric shavers. From generations to generations, they managed to improve their shaves as technology improved and thy now offer consumers a highly sought after lineup. Unlike other shaver manufacturers, Remington offers both foil and rotary blade types to meet the needs of every potential customer.Here are some of the best Remington electric shavers offered on the market today.


It’s a known fact that Remington is one of the leading brands that produce a very high quality line of razors that quickly and efficiently provide a clean finish to everyone who uses it. It also has a flexing rotary head design that is able to reduce skin irritation but still delivers the quality and speed that you need when shaving.One of the many advantages of a Remington rotary shaver is that it comes with a triple blade rotary unit with pivoting heads on each. The blades function by following your facial curves without having to use the downward pressure to maintain contact. With the advanced cutting elements of this electric razor and the fact that is has pivoting heads makes it easier to protect your skin from irritation and prolonged contact. For further protection though, you can also use a waterproof shaver in the shower with your preferred shaving cream or gel.


Another type of Remington razor are the foil shavers. This brand brings consumers a full line of electric razors that can remove hair from any parts of the body gently but also effectively. Each of the razors in this line features two efficient blades with protective foil guides that glide across the surface of your skin to prevent irritation.One of the many advantages of purchasing a foil razor is that the foil blades allow for a very swift and no nonsense shave for everyone who uses it without causing any skin irritation. This product also comes with two foil covered blades that can stretch as far as either side of the devices when it comes into your facial curves. The foil patterns help the hair to be directed into the blades for a swift and smooth shave every single time of use. It also has a small trimmer in the middle part of the product to be able to catch those unwanted long and unruly hairs that were not caught up by the foils.All the combinations of these stainless cutting blades enables the user to remove beard hairs in just one single pass. Furthermore, you can also use this trimmer to line up those sideburns, goatee or mustache in just a few easy swipes. Last but not the least, it has a rubberized grip that is able to help you maintain a firm grasp on the unit as you maneuver it around your face and neck.


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