Modern razors tend to alter their design slightly to produce what they call “the best razors for men and women”. Look at the Gillette Mach 3 for men and the Gillette Venus for women, and you can see that they are tailored for their purpose. The Venus is shaped and angled for leg shaving, while the Mach 3 is for the face. IT makes sense, but it is still slightly inaccurate.

The Best Razors For Men

Of course, a straight razor outdoes all of these. The flexibility offered from a straight razor handle means you can use many different grips while using it. There is a lot more dexterity on offer. You don’t need to get your hands in a twist trying to shave your upper lip or those awkward angles, just use your fingers to rotate the blade slightly, and off you go.

The one thing I always hated about disposable cartridge razors was the limits they put on the angles you can use. If you use the wrong angle, you end up cutting yourself, slicing some lip, or just having to go over the same patch again and again. That little bit under your nose is almost impossible to reach sometimes.

best razors for men

When I did finally switch to straight razors though, it was because I wanted a smoother shave, a way to reduce my razor blade bill (I practically removed it altogether) and I wanted to feel “cool” while shaving. I hadn’t thought at all about the added bonus I would get from being able to shave in many different angles. These long blades with their handles extending off them allow you to dance the blade all over your face.

Better not dance too much though, you might end up a bit shredded.

I do find it funny when I hear that slogan “The best a man can get” whereas in fact, it really isn’t. Still, you can’t fault them for trying.

Superior All Round

Now, if we stop considering just the angles and flexibility on offer from a straight razor, that leaves us with other determining factors. Sharpness, Ease of use, Price and Durability are other important factors.

A straight razor comes up trumps on all of them, except possible ease of use. Once you have practiced a few times and learned to shave without losing too much blood, a straight razor arguable is easier to use than a disposable anyway. It’s definitely more fun, satisfying, and rewarding to use.

As for the Price, people often balk at the thought of spending $100 or more for a blade, but if you excuse me being “blunt”, that is very short-sighted.

If you calculate the monthly costs of your razor blades, then remove that cost forever, and replace it with a one-off payment of $100-150, how long does it take you to get that money back? 6 months? A year at worst?


I’m struggling to find any real reason why modern disposable cartridge razors are the best razors for men. I just can’t find any reason why they beat straight razors, apart from availability and possibly convenience (everyone can just pick one up and use it).

However, something is more convenient and easy to find never makes it the best. Try out one of our straight razors for yourself and you will not disagree.


  1. Glad you put the ‘dancing disclaimer’ in there, Dom. You’ve provided more compelling reasons to kick the disposable habit in favor of the straight blade. 🙂

  2. You know, I think another good thing about anything non-disposable is that it’s socially responsible. With so much being thrown away, landfills are being overrun and the natural environment as a whole is suffering. Less disposable razors = less waste = better ecological health.

    • Yeah, that is a good point that I have mentioned before but need to raise again. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I enjoy using the Glenn razor I just wish I could come across coupons to save a little money on The Blaze but other than that I enjoy using it I have ever since it came out and I still have it today and it’s Chrome and blue if there was anything I could change about it I would love to see the price go down on just some I know what they say you get what you pay for that is true but the five blade is worth getting but the price could be a little bit more reasonable


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