Many of us have a problem with sensitive skin. You can buy some of the best razors, and they will irritate your face. If you are like everyone else with this problem, you are probably still trying to find a razor that will give you a comfortable shave.

This is a list of razors that have features for people with sensitive skin. There is different price ranges so you can find one that will fit your budget and various features so you will find one that will give you that comfortable shave you have always been wanting.

Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Disposable Women’s Razor 6 Count


Gillette is a leading name in the industry. The Gillette Venus is a razor for sensitive skin. This razor is equipped with three razor blades and a strip that gives you more lubrication than other razors. You get six razor blades in the pack for $15.47 which is a great deal when you look at the quality.


  • Three razor blades.
  • A moisture strip that does better than using only water and shaving cream.
  • The handle is designed for you to maneuver comfortably in hard to reach spots.
  • The Gillette Venus last longer than other disposable razors.


  • The Gillette Venus is extremely sharp and it easy to cut yourself if you shave too soon.
  • The razors are light, so it makes them more flimsy than other razors.
  • The razors have a pivoted head do they are easier to break than solid razors if you drop them.
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Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Razor


The Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Razor is highly rated compared to other brands. They have been tested by a dermatologist, so you know that you are getting a razor that is truly excellent for your sensitive skin. It has great features packed inside the razors for a good price of $9.97. One of the useful features is that it has five blades to slice through hair without pulling it.


  • The razors have been tested by a dermatologist, unlike other brands.
  • It is equipped with five blades for a clean shave and to reduce irritation.
  • Many razors leave your skin red, but these razors have a guard to prevent this, and it is a feature that helps more to reduce irritation.
  • The razor head pivots so you can quickly shave hard to reach places.
  • Even though, the razors are disposable the blades last longer than they do on other brands.


  • The material that the handle is made of makes it slippery so you have to use a firmer grip than you would with other razors that have a plastic handle.
  • The head of the razor is removable so if dropped the head might come off. This can also cause the lock that keeps the head on to break.
  • The strips will dissolve before the head needs to be changed if you place it under a direct stream of water several times.
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Gillette Mach3 Sensitive Disposables


The Gillette Mach3 is a highly rated razor for men that have sensitive skin. It has many features other men’s razors does not have for the small price of $14.97. It has a pivoting head so you can get a clean shave. The pivoting head is also suitable for maneuvering around your face throughout the whole shave. These razors like many other razors for sensitive skin have lubricating strips that reduces redness and irritation.


  • Equipped with three blades so that you can get a close shave.
  • The head of the razor is spring mounted so it will adapt to pressure. This also reduces the chances of you cutting yourself while shaving.
  • This razor is disposable but will give you the same effects as if you were shaving with the more expensive razors.
  • You can snap the blades out of this razor, and they will fit the Mach3 with the disposable heads. This means you are getting a good shave like with the more expensive Mach products but for a better price.


  • The blades are wider than other brands. This makes it harder to shave some tight spots. You have to be careful shaving spots such as under your nose.
  • The price is a little higher than you would pay for other brands of disposable razors. You can expect this being that the Mach3 is a higher quality than some of the other brands on the market.
  • Even though, the blades are the same excellent quality as the more expensive razors; the handles are of cheaper quality.
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Gillette Embrace Sensitive Women’s 5 Blade Disposable Razors


This is one of the highest rated women’s razors on the market for a low price of $8.47. It has many features that you will enjoy as you shave such as five blades that are spaced closer together for a closer shave. Many razors have a moisturizing strip to reduce irritation. If you like the razors that are equipped with the strip, you will like that the Gillette Embrace has aloe for the most sensitive areas of your body.


  • It has a touch of aloe for a smoother shave than some of the other razors on the market.
  • The razors have been tested by a dermatologist, so you know you know the razor is better for your skin than some of the cheaper brands.
  • You might be like many women that prefer men’s razors since they give you a better shave. This razor is designed to give you that same close shave.
  • The blades are spaced closer together. This is good since you can get a more accurate shave unlike with razors that the blades are spaced farther apart.


  • The blades being spaced closer together is a pro but it also a con. The downside about this is that you have to make more strokes.
  • The price is a little on the high side since you only get two disposable razors. I think the quality of the razors will make you more comfortable paying the price.
  • The moisturizing strip on the razor will not last long if you put it under a direct stream of water. This happens on all of the razors that have this strip. It is better to wash the hair from the razor under a light drizzle of water and a washcloth other than placing it under a hard direct stream.
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Gillette Embrace Women’s Razor 1 Razor Handle and 2 Razor Refills


This razor is the same sound quality as the disposable kind. The price also isn’t much higher than the disposable Gillette Embrace razors at $10.97. You can use any Venus cartridge with this razor. If you enjoy the feel of the handle, but you do not like the cartridge, you can always try another Venus cartridge. That is a feature you cannot get with many other brands since the razors are usually designed to hold only a certain kind of cartridge. Like the disposable razor, this one has the moisturizing strip to reduce the chances of redness and irritation.


  • You can use any Venus cartridge on this razor. This is useful in the event you like the feel of the handle, but you do not like the way the cartridge shaves.
  • The handle is designed for a better feel and helps you grip it better than a razor designed for a man or other brands.
  • The razor has five blades. This is good if you are one of them women that have thicker hair than some other women.
  • Comes with a holder that is equipped with a suction cup that you can stick to the side of your shower. This will keep your razor stored in the same place and out of the way at all times.


  • This razor is a little bigger than the disposable Gillette Embrace. This will make it a little harder to shave in tight spots.
  • Replacement blades are a little expensive, but the quality is good. You can cheaper cartridges if you want a lower quality razor.
  • The blades on this razor give you a close shave that last, but the cartridge has to be changed after about three times of use. This is typical for most razors with replacement cartridges.
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I know you will probably find it hard to pick a razor that suits you from the list since they all have incredible features and are priced reasonably. They all have their cons like any other product, but the pros usually outweigh any negative. I recommend the Gillette Mach3 for several reasons. This razor is good whether the user is a man or woman. It has features that either sex can find useful, and Gillette is one of the leading brands in razors.

In my opinion, this razor is of better quality than most of the other razors on the market and is priced more reasonably. It is also an excellent razor for all the hard to reach places such as a women’s armpits and under a man’s nose. This razor will get the job done without irritation or redness.


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