If you are like me, you know that irritation from shaving can be uncomfortable. This irritation usually comes from the harsh chemicals used in shaving products. Shaving oils can and often are formulated without these harsh chemicals. Many people have stated that they do not experience skin irritation after switching to a shave oil from cream or gel.

Shave oils are also formulated with ingredients that prevent your skin from becoming dry. The harsh chemicals are also to blame for dry skin. The chemicals are not healthy for your skin.

Our 5 Favorite Pre-Shave Oil

Best Pre-Shave Oil

1. Lather & Wood Shaving Co. Pre-Shaving Oil 

Lather & Wood Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil - 1 oz

Many people cannot take the strong smell that most shaving oils and shaving creams leave behind. You have a choice when you use this product. You can choose between the sandalwood scented or unscented. Men with thick beards have a problem finding shaving oil that will meet their expectations.

This pre-shave oil is good for very little hair or thick beards. Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry about getting razor burns as you have with other products you have used. This product is made with natural oils that help eliminate razor burn and ingrown hairs.


  • It is thinner than most other shaving oils on the market, so it absorbs in the skin quicker leaving your skin soft.
  • The oil is light making it easy to see where you are cutting, unlike others that make it hard to see what you are doing at times since they are thick. This makes the product suitable for trimming your facial hair.
  • The product is formulated to protect your skin so you will not experience irritation like razor burn and dry skin.
  • You have the option of scented and unscented.
  • Eliminates ingrown hairs.


  • The product being thin is a pro but it could also be a con. It being thin can make it harder for your razor to glide as smooth as you would like.
  • You cannot use cheap razors with this product. Using cheap razor can cause the oil to clog them.
  • You will find yourself using more than you usually would with other oils since this product is thin.

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2. Shave Secret Shaving Oil 

Shave Secret Shaving Oil 18.75Ml

Unlike the thinner shaving oils, this product can be used in or out of the shower. It is formulated with oils to help eliminate shaving rashes, ingrown hairs, and dry skin. The bottle is small making them suitable to carry with you if you travel. You have the option to purchase up to a five-pack of Shave Secret, or you can buy one bottle at a time.


  • The shaving oil is thin, so you can see where you are shaving unlike using shaving soaps or creams.
  • The menthol scent is not too strong like other scented shaving oils.
  • The menthol smell is relaxing like many other menthol scented products.
  • You can shave sensitive areas, and you do not have to apply moisturizer afterward like you have had to with other products you have used.
  • You only have to use three to five drops so one bottle will last you longer than some of the other shaving products available on the market.


  • Some people might experience that the shave is not as close as you expected.
  • You cannot see where you have shaved since the oil is clear. You can only see where hair is left. This could be a problem if you have bad eyesight or you have a thin layer of hair.
  • Some people have experienced that it leaves a few razor bumps but not as many as some of the other products that are full of chemicals. If this happens, you can apply some as an after shave also to rid your face of the razor bumps.
  • It will clog your razor if you use a multi-blade razor.

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3. Stubble Butter

Bodyality Anti-irritation Pre Shave Oil

Bodyality has infused its shaving oil with five anti-irritation herbs. The product is formulated with all-natural ingredients. The herbs help to prevent razor burn that you know can be irritating and are common when using many of the other products on the market. Razor burn is caused by the harsh chemicals other shaving products are formulated with, and this product does not contain harsh chemicals. Stubble Butter locks moisture into your skin leaving it soft between shaves.


  • This product is good for men or women since it is unscented.
  • The perfumes other companies add to their products will eventually cause skin irritation. This product does not contain any of them perfumes.
  • Unlike other products that are offered on the market this one is infused with natural herbs that prevent skin irritation.
  • It will leave your skin soft and slightly oily.
  • This product is very thin making it easy to wash off.


  • It is a small bottle for the price you pay.
  • This product will clog your razor if you use multi-blade razors.
  • It will leave a filmy residue on your face, but it is easy to wash off.
  • This product is not right for you if you have oily skin already since it is unhealthy for your skin if it contains too much oil.

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4. Smolder Pre-Shave Oil 

The Blades Grim – Pre-Shave Oil, Handmade in the USA (Smolder, 1oz)

This product is sold by one of the most respected companies in the industry. It is smolder scented. Smolder is a mixture of Star Anise, Coriander Leaves, Mandarin, Orange Peel, and Venezuelan Tonka. The product is formulated to leave your skin smooth and prevent irritation.


  • People usually use more than they should when it comes to shaving oil since it is a thin liquid. This product comes with a stopper in the bottle that releases one drop at a time, and all you need for a shave is four drops.
  • This shaving oil is thicker than most that is offered on the market.
  • As you know with many shaving products you rinse off the scent when you rinse off the product.
  • It contains vitamins for healthier and smoother skin.


  • Like other pre-shave oils, this one will clog your razor if you use a multi-blade razor.
  • It is thicker than other oils so your razor will not glide as smoothly as it does with some of the other products you have tried. It will glide smoother than using a thick cream.
  • It is a little on the expensive side once you add the shipping to the product cost

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5. Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil

Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-shave Oil | Moisturize, Heal and...

Truefitt & Hill is one of the high-end pre-shave oils on the market. You can also use this shave oil if you have a thick beard or sensitive skin. This pre-shave oil is infused with ten essential oils to keep your skin soft. This product is formulated by one of the oldest companies in the shaving industry.


  • This shaving oil has a light citrus smell, unlike other shave oils that have a strong smell.
  • You only need five drops of the oil to shave your entire face so the bottle will last a lot longer than other shaving products you have tried.
  • You can use this pre-shave oil with other products like cream.
  • It is formulated with vitamins that leave your skin smooth.
  • The bottle is made of a thin plastic so you can squeeze the right amount into your hand every time, unlike other pre-shave oils that have hard bottles that you have to shake.


  • This is a high-end shave oil, so the price is a little higher than other products.
  • Like other shave oils, this product will clog your razor if you use a multi-bladed razor.
  • The oil is thin as water and can cause a big mess if you are not
  • It leaves your hands greasy so you have to scrub them before you can shave.

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I know you will have a hard time finding which shaving oil to choose if you are venturing into it. Some people just don’t know what to look for in pre-shave oil. I recommend you look into one that has the ingredients listed and do not purchase one that has a list of chemicals you do not know what they are.

You should purchase the one that is formulated with vitamins that are healthy for your skin. I recommend the Stubble Butter for several reasons. Men and women can use the Stubble Butter Shave Oil. It is also formulated with all-natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins that will make your skin feel smooth between shaves.

The price is also lower than some of the other shave oils making it a good one for a first-timer since you do not know how you will like the use of an oil to shave.

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