Millions of men have used the best alum block brands for centuries to heal minor bleeding, nicks, and razor burn. Most alum blocks are made of potassium, which acts as a natural astringent and has powerful antibacterial properties. Besides using them on your face, some people use alum blocks for head shaving or as a deodorant.

Luckily for first-time users, it’s not that expensive to get your hands on great alum blocks nowadays. Below, we’ll tell you about five of the greatest alum blocks now on the market. The main criteria taken into account on this best alum block list include affordability, customer reviews, and durability. This best alum block list starts with the cheapest blocks and ends with the most expensive brands.

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Top 5 Best Alum Block Reviews

1. Gentleman Jon Alum Block

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The best alum block in terms of price is the Gentleman Jon Alum Block. It will only cost you $8 for a massive 3.7-ounce block. You’ll also get a sturdy plastic case with this purchase. All of Gentleman Jon’s alum blocks are made of potassium in China and distributed through their New York office. There are no additives to Gentleman Jon’s block, which means this product is totally fragrance-free.

The only major complaint customers have about this block is that it can crumble easily. But, considering the low price you’re paying, the Gentleman Jon Alum Block is a great way for you to test an alum block for the first time. As long as you dry off the block after every usage, this product should last you at least a year.

2. Alum Block Direct From France

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Like Gentleman Jon, the Alum Block Direct From France is a great deal. You’ll get a large (10.6 ounces) and a great quality bar. Plus, you’ll get a travel case with the Alum Block Direct From France. The major selling point for this block is that it is from France.

This block is the most elegantly designed out of all the other products on this list, the Alum Block Direct From France is a great value. Those, further along, should seriously consider purchasing the Alum Block Direct From France for its beauty.

3. Bloc Osma Alum Block

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Another popular potassium alum block is the Osma Bloc Alum Block. The French company Osma Rasage makes these blocks at their headquarters in the French commune Craponne. A 2.65-ounce block will set you back around $8 online. People who use this product say it’s the best alum block for people who want to experience a higher quality product for a low price. Since these alum blocks are handmade in France, it adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the product…if you’re into that.

The cardboard packaging is one of the prettiest in the industry, featuring a barber and his client in an old-fashioned Parisian barbershop. Osma Rasage has been producing high-quality shaving products since the 1950s, so you know you’re getting a product from a legacy company here. The only major downside to this alum block is that you don’t get a plastic case.

This could be a drawback if you do a ton of traveling. Also, the amount of alum blocks you get is less than the Gentleman Jon or PAA blocks. However, the Osma Bloc should last you many months after your purchase if you handle it with care.

4. Edwin Jagger Antiseptic Alum Block

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Made in Sheffield, England, the Edwin Jagger Antiseptic Alum Block is a high-end product great for people with sensitive skin. The main reason the Edwin Jagger block is considered higher quality has to do with its increased styptic effect. People who use this block are stunned by how well it closes pores and dries out the skin.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, the Edwin Jagger block will help quickly repair any shaving damage. The only real downside to this handmade product is the cost. A 1.9-ounce block will cost you around $12. This price does, however, include an elegant plastic travel block with a regal English logo.

5. Taylor of Old Bond Street Alum Block

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The Taylor of Old Bond Street’s Alum Block is the best alum block for people who want a high-quality luxury block that was made to last. OK, let’s get the bad news out of the way first: this London-produced 2.7-ounce block will cost you $15. This price doesn’t include a plastic travel case. Although this is a tad expensive, customers who use this block regularly say that it lasts for years.

You might be interested to know that men who shave their heads say this is the best alum block to avoid razor burn. If you get this block, just be extra careful when applying it to your face, head, or armpits. The few unfortunate men who dropped this alum block on the floor say it shatters very easily. By the way, anyone who lives in London can check out Taylor of Old Bond Street‘s amazing store at 74 Jermyn Street, St. James’s.

Bottom Line

On this list, there are plenty of cheap, mid-range, and high-end alum blocks to choose from. Whether you want the convenience of American brands or the prestige of European bars, you should find a perfect option on this shortlist. All of these alum blocks have been highly reviewed by thousands of customers online. At the end of the day, you have to find the best alum block for your lifestyle. No matter what alum block you use, however, you’re sure to notice smoother skin after each and every shave.

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