a beautifully-crafted barber shop logo

a beautifully-crafted barber shop logo

There’s a barbershop Renaissance going on in the USA. Dozens of throwback barber shops are opening their door in major cities all across the nation. If you’ve never had a proper barber’s haircut or shave before, now’s the best time to try out these shops for yourself. So, what are the best barber shops in America right now?

We’ll attempt to answer that very question in this article. In this list, we’ll let you in on some of the best barber shops from sea to shining sea. Any of these shops is sure to offer you immaculate service in an authentic ambiance. Read on, and get ready to be groomed like a true gentleman.

1. Throne

the logo of the Throne barber shop

Portland, Oregon’s Throne is dedicated to making every single one of its customers feel like royalty. Throne employees will offer you a complimentary alcoholic beverage of your choice immediately after you step inside. As you wait for your haircut or shave, you can relax in a luxurious lounge area with a TV and free Wi-Fi. Once your name is called, you will sit in one of the custom-made barber chairs (aka “the Thrones”) and enjoy your totally personalized grooming session.

All of the barbers who work here are master conversationalists. Although this barbershop has only been around for a few years, it’s already built a huge following in the Portland community. Therefore, if you find yourself in the “City of Roses” for whatever reason, why not get the royal haircut at Throne? Throne is located at 917 NW 13th Avenue and offers convenient street parking.

2. Aidan Gill for Men

barber tools branded with the Aidan Gill logo

Are you planning on traveling to New Orleans anytime soon? Looking for a barbershop that’ll give you some of that legendary N’Awlins charm? If so, then you must head on down to Adrian Gill for Men. As you can tell from this barbershop’s name, Adrian Gill is “unapologetically male.” Sorry ladies, Adrian Gill is totally designed to offer manly men a unique testosterone-drenched grooming experience.

You’ll find all kinds of turn-of-the-century items and furniture around this traditional barbershop. Many people say this New Orleans icon was the first “retro” shop to inspire the traditional barbershop revival in America. Without a doubt, Aidan Gill for Men is the manliest shop in this list of the best barber shops. Don’t leave Crescent City without stopping by 550 Fulton Street!

3. Stag Barbershop

the inside of a fancy barber shop

The Stag Barbershop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is designed for the contemporary gentleman. The company’s founder, Jess Stern, has created an extremely modern barbershop with rustic elements like hardwood floors and a prominent caribou head.

The main services offered here include shaves and haircuts, but you could also add on mustache trims, neck waxes, and even shoe shines. Stern and her staff work hard to provide every single customer with a refreshingly masculine shaving experience. Stag Barbershop is located at 3064 South Delaware Avenue.

4. The Proper

the facade of the Proper barber shop

One of the best barber shops in all of Los Angeles is called The Proper. Located at 7950 W 3rd Street, The Proper blends the best of modern LA with the ancient tradition of the male barbershop. Before getting your “proper” barber’s haircut and traditional hot towel shave, play some X-Box video games and sip on a beer in this establishment’s back lounge.

All of the employees here are committed to giving men a relaxing slice of Southern Californian life as they are groomed to perfection. The Proper is probably one of the more famous places on our list of America’s best barber shops. That’s mainly because the company’s owner, Vinnie Morey, actually worked on Bravo’s show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover for one season. So, if you’re looking for a Hollywood haircut in La-La-Land, look no further than this prestigious barbershop.

5. Frank’s Chop Shop

a screenshot of the Frank's Chop Shop barber website

One cool barbershop in NYC is called Frank’s Chop Shop. As you walk into this tiny barbershop, you’ll instantly be wowed by the 1930s atmosphere and soothing jazz music. A few of the services offered here include the gentleman’s cut, a haircut and a shave, and a haircut with a beard trim. New York critics rave that Frank’s Chop Shop offers locals a “raffish aesthetic stylistically rooted in both Rat Pack nightlife and urban grunge.”

This barbershop was so popular in New York that the company decided to open a second store on Melrose Avenue in LA. If you want to go to the original chop shop, then you’ve got to check out the 19 Essex Street location.

6. Frank’s Barbershop

the luxurious interior of the Frank's barber shop

Another one of the best barber shops in the USA is named after “Frank,” but this shop has a totally different vibe. Frank’s Barbershop in Knoxville, Tennessee is all about that Old Southern sophistication and style. For those out there looking for a real old world barbershop experience, Frank’s Barbershop is the place to be. You’ll find a pool table in the lounge as well as a wide assortment of drinks to choose from.

The laid back atmosphere here has attracted numerous business elites who just want to relax after a long day’s work. Everyone working at Frank’s Barbershop succeeds at making their clients feel like a true gentleman. Frank’s Barbershop also offers junior haircuts for any youngsters below the age of 12.

Men who order this shop’s classic cut will receive a precision haircut as well as a complimentary shoulder, neck, and scalp massage. Now that’s what we call service! If you ever need to relax in The Volunteer State, Frank’s Barbershop will get you done.

Bottom Line

It’s hard for many modern men to understand the importance barbershops had for Americans in the past. Barbershops weren’t only for haircuts and trims. These shops were centers where men went to relax, meet with friends, and build lifelong friendships. We live in a technologically complicated age. Still, men can take a few moments to relax and experience the classic charms of an American barbershop.

Finally, a visit to one of these best barber shops in the USA will remind customers of the dignity of being a gentleman. Moreover, you will receive the extreme pleasure of good grooming. If you’re ever in need of a confidence boost or a relaxing evening, be sure to check in to any of these barber shops. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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