A badger brush shaving set is THE best shaving set. This may be subjective and others may prefer boar hair, but for me it’s got to be badger. Don’t even get me started on not having any brush at all.

Generally people prefer badger hair because it is soft, absorbs water well, and is strong enough to last. I will tell anybody who is looking for their first razor to make sure they get a set and where possible, to make sure it has a badger brush.

Enjoy Your Shaves

Ask yourself, why are you interested in using a straight razor? Most likely it is to do with quality, comfort, or in the case of this website, luxury. Those same qualities are exactly the reason why you’ll be needing a badger brush to go with it.

Quality is a package deal.

Of course, there are varying degrees of quality, and different labels for each, so getting a decent brush is not as simple as just choosing any set that contains one.


Here are the different types of badger brush, with the explanations below the box.

  • “Pure/Dark” Badger Hair
  • “Gray/Standard” Hair
  • “Premium/Fine/Tapered”
  • “Silver/Silver-Tip”


Typically, “pure badger” and “dark badger” are at the lower end of the spectrum, using coarser hair taken from the stomach and back. They are usually darker.

This is the most affordable type of brush and a lot of sets will come with one. They are not terrible brushes by any means, but they are far from the best.

Next up is  “gray badger” or “standard” brush. Consisting of hair taken from the tail, it will be much lighter in color. The texture will also be softer. This is also an affordable brush and probably the best value.

Premium, tapered or finest brushes have much finer hair and a color band ranging from light to dark back to light. These brushes, unlike their cheaper brothers, are usually hand crafted and much more expensive. They are very soft and great for light beards.

For the ultimate in quality, a silver tip or silver brush is hands down the best. It is made from neck hair whitened in the winter, which makes it very expensive. It is also very soft and ideal for those with sensitive skin. While this is the best type of brush by far, it is unlikely to find one as part of a set and will be better bought separately.

Badger Hair Shaving Set Recommendations.

The following sets have the best combination of brush and blade. In these sets, the emphasis is on the quality of brush not blade or strop, but they are all still worthy of luxuryshaves.com

Badger Brush Shaving Set Badger Brush Shaving Set


Dovo Full Set. Learn More                                                   Haryali Beginner’s Set. Learn More



Country Uncle Black And Chrome Set. Learn More              Country Uncle Set. Learn More

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  1. You make shaving look like fun, Dom. And that’s a real accomplishment when you can do it while wielding pictures of straight-edge razors. Good show!

    • Thanks Bill, and you are right! As well as providing a much better shave, you can feel like a real man too!


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