A Warm Welcome

Hello, and welcome to Luxury Shaves. The place where gentle and not-so-gentle men can learn all there is to know about shaving the “real” way; With a straight edged “cut-throat” razor and a badger-hair brush. The luxury shave seems to be a dying experience these days, but the experience itself is still as great as ever.

In fact, with so few men using straight razors these days, the experience can be said to be even better. That first luxury shave will leave your skin feeling so smooth that you won’t ever look at your old wet or electric razor the same way again. Fact.

It seems that somewhere down the years, perhaps due to strong marketing and a desire of manufacturers to make us constantly buy new blades, we sacrificed “enjoyment” in exchange for perceived convenience.

Time to go retro.

How did this site come about?

Well, like you, I was researching straight edged razors because I was fed up with paying too much money for replacement cartridges for my mach3 (and getting a sub-par shave in the process) and stumbled across a few useful sites, but nothing that really looked to me like what I am trying to do here. There were a few vendor-type sites and a few informative articles to whet my appetite.

Since I love to make websites and was thinking more and more about shaving, I thought “why not?” And a few weeks later luxuryshaves.com was born.

How can you use this site?

There are a number of things you can do here:

  • Learn the art of shaving with a straight razor
  • Watch instructional videos
  • Create a real “luxury” shaving experience by following my tips
  • Read product reviews and find products online


How can you help this site?

I welcome any feedback both positive and negative, so leave me comments and I will take any recommendations or criticisms into consideration. This site is a one-man job, so the more help I get from real users, the better it will become.

How can you contact me?

You can use this simple contact form or you can email me at contact@luxuryshaves.com

Hopefully any shaving questions you have will have been answered already on the site via the FAQ page or within the many articles available, but should you have any outstanding questions, it is better to add a comment below. I check comments daily, but as you can probably understand, emails take some sifting through and might get lost.

Meet the Luxury Shaves Team

Isaiah Lablanc – Chief Editor

Isaiah bio picture
Contact me at ilablanc@luxuryshaves.com

I guess you could say I’m one of the “not-so-gentle men” here at Luxury Shaves, or so my wife tells me (ha). I live a rugged outdoor life that involves being sweaty and dirty a lot of the time. When you hunt and fish, and also do lots of home DIY stuff, that’s how life goes. In college, I continued my work in journalism as I earned my degree (in journalism, of course). It was in college that I became aware of the art and craft of online blogging. It truly is a craft that requires you to think on your feet and have good editing skills. After college, I got an editing gig at a fairly large blog for men, and that led me to Luxury Shaves. I’m delighted to work with an awesome team of great writers and editors here at Luxury Shaves. It’s a dream job for a guy like me.

Dena Conway – Junior Editor

Dena Conway bio picture
My email is dconway@luxuryshaves.com, feel free to shoot me a message anytime!

Like our Chief Editor, I got my writing start working in journalism, but of a different sort. My mom owned an online news blog and it was our family business. I started my professional writing career writing for her website. It paid well and also helped her grow our business and news site. After getting my Bachelor of Arts in Technical Writing, I went to work for a publishing company, where I really refined my editing skills. While doing this, I kept up my work at the news websites because I enjoyed it and it was great extra money. Working at Luxury Shaves is the funnest gig I’ve ever had. I get to write about one of my passions, which is, of course, luxury shaving. I also have learned a lot from the total pros I work with, and naturally, I’ve learned more about getting the best possible shave.

Cody Marshall – Barber Expert

Cody Marshall bio picture
Reach me at cmarshall@luxuryshaves.com

When I was growing up, my dad owned the only barber shop in our little one redlight town. He even had the old-fashioned barber pole and the group of old men who gathered there daily to talk about the weather (and gossip!). I spent my after school time and Saturdays hanging out with these awesome men. I learned a lot about the art of the shave and I learned a lot about life in general. My dad had customers who came in every day for a shave. It’s a shame that this art and practice has largely gone by the wayside. It was a natural path for me to go to barber school. My dad was delighted to add another chair to his small shop, and we both love our family business. My dad is gone now, and I still operate that little barber shop in a town that now have four red lights. However, I’ve added another chair, so my barbers operate the business most of the time, which frees me up to pursue my love of writing and blogging.