manly gifts for men

manly gifts for menI’ve talked time and again about straight razors making you feel like a bad ass and a “real man”, so in my opinion there can be no finer manly gifts for men than these works of art. If he is a “manly” type of guy, but still shaves with a regular wet razor and not the “old fashioned” way, then I am afraid he just isn’t quite manly enough.

The Most Manly Gifts For Men – Straight Razors

Even James Bond used one in Skyfall, that’s the kind of level of manliness we are talking about. However, while they might make you feel great simply for using them, straight razors are great gifts because they are also wonderful to use. They get the closest shave possible (Sorry Gillette), and they are incredibly relaxing and meditative to use. Luxury plus Manly equals perfect gift, no?

Anyway, I don’t want to appear guilty of overselling something without providing more information to back it up, so let me go on and explain why I feel so passionately about the straight razor as a candidate for best manly gift.

Razor Sharp – Sorry for the pun, but a straight razor is so sharp that it makes itself a dangerous weapon in some circles. The nickname “cut throat razor” doesn’t come from nothing. You aren’t going to feel like a sissy using one.

Smooth Shaves – Once you’ve learned how to use a straight razor (It will take a bit of practice), there is nothing better at getting the job done, and skin will be even visibly smoother.

Relaxing – Since you need to concentrate more when using one, the end result is greater relaxation and focus.

A “Tool” – All manly guys like to have tools and things that show off they are good with their hands, the straight razor is just another extension of this.

A “Toolbox” – By choosing an entire shaving set, including the strop (for sharpening), the brush, the soap and so on, you are essentially giving them a new toolbox. Nothing more manly than a toolbox surely? (Except one that is for your face of course).

Choosing Your Gift

Now whether you want to get an entire set or just an individual razor depends on you and your budget, but if you head over to the razor sets and the straight razor sections of this site you will be able to see some good examples to help you decide.

One thing you should note is that straight razors always come in need of a honing. It is very rare to find one “shave ready”. This means that it will need to be sent off to your nearest honemeister(a quick Google search should help) to be honed for about $20-30. Again, whether or not you do this before handing over the gift is up to you, but I just wanted to warn you. Once a razor has been honed it will just need a little stropping before every shave.

Send the gift receiver over to this site to learn everything he needs to know about stropping and using his new manly razor.


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