Dovo Shavette Review

The Dove Shavette is a straight razor. It is imported from Dove, Solingen, Germany. It is a sleek looking blade for the small price of $33.99. It is very lightweight unlike some other straight...

Single-Blade Razors: To Use, or Not To Use?

  There are many well-known companies that do nothing but design and redesign their facial razors. At this point, companies advertise mostly multi-blade razors. As such, the era of single-blade razors seems long gone. While...

Feather Straight Razor Review

Although straight razor shaving requires some amount of practice compared to the modern safe shave razors, once you get the hang of straight razors, you won't want to go back. This feather straight razor...

Are Straight Razors Safe?

Straight razors are nothing to worry about if you take the time to learn how to use them, just like anything else perceived as dangerous.

Antique Straight Razors

Are antique straight razors worth using for shaving?