best double edge razor

What Is The Best Double Edge Razor? – A Huge Advancement

Way back when, there was the straight razor. It was a strip of thin, hardened steel, usually with a decorative handle, and it had to be sharpened frequently with a stone and then buffed...
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What Makes A Good Shaving Oil? The Ultimate Buying Guide

Shaving oil isn't something all men use when they shave their faces. That being said, it should be something all men use when they shave their faces. A good shaving oil helps you get...

Cut Throat Razors Still “Cut It”

Cut throat razors still deserve a place in every man (and woman)'s bathroom. Read more to find out why.

How To Shave With A Straight Razor – Things You Need Before Shaving

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Top 6 Coolest Barber Shops in the U.S.

There's a barbershop Renaissance going on in the USA. Dozens of throwback barber shops are opening their door in major cities all across the nation. If you've never had a proper barber's haircut or...