a close-up on a razor blade

Wet Shaving vs Dry Shaving and How to Wet Shave

There is a not-so-quiet war going on in the world of hygiene. The debate between dry and wet shaving is ever so heated. It's simply rubbing people raw, no pun intended. Though there is...
shaving against the grain

Tips for Shaving Against the Grain

It's simply not true, despite what people argue, that shaving against the grain should be avoided. If anything it should be embraced. Enjoy a better shave!
Cremo Shave Cream

Cremo Shave Cream – Comfortable Process

Unless you're using an electric razor, which won't give you as good a shave as the other options out there, you need a shave cream. Sure, you can shave without it, but you risk...
men shaving tools

Why and How to Use a Pre Shave Oil

Getting a nice, close shave requires that you shave as close to the skin as possible. But that presents the risk of developing ingrown hairs, razor burn, rashes or even nicks and cuts due...
single blade razor

How to Use a Single Blade Razor for a Clean Shave

Knowing how to use a single blade razor involves mastering hand-eye coordination in order to achieve a close, smooth shave. Unlike most disposable razors, single blade razors require extreme focus, a few extra materials,...