safety razors vs straight razors

Safety Razors vs Straight Razors

Which one better? Both of them are better than a silly modern cartridge razor, but which one is the best?
best adjustable safety razor

Best Adjustable Safety Razor Choices On the Market

With so many razors for wet shaving on the market today, it’s hard to choose which razor best fits your beard and skin type. Granted, disposable razors are an inexpensive and quick fix. They’re...
astra razor blades

Astra Razor Blades Review – One of the Best Blade Brands?

Barbers in Europe have been using Astra razor blades for decades now. It’s only recently that American wet shavers have started to test out these Russian-manufactured blades. The customer reviews for these blades on...
Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: A Safety Razor That Stands Above The Rest

T he Edwin Jagger DE89 is a safety razor with a heck of a reputation. It is a safety razor that really stands above the rest. If you’ve researched razors or looked up wet shavers, you’ve...