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What Should a Luxury Shaving Kit Contain & Top Best Ones

There's an art to shaving. Unfortunately, few men nowadays take the time and care required to shave their beards with dignity and grace. While shaving with a cheap disposable razor may help you "get...

The Best Razors For Men Are Not Gillette

Why "The best a man can get" really isn't the best a man can get.
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Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s

Shave clubs like Dollar Shave Club vs Harrys seem to be the way to go these days. The truth is that buying your shaving supplies online is a way better deal than going to...

Straight Razor Shaving Kits

When looking for the best shaving kits, you really need to know what to look for, what a good kit should include, and which ones we recommend.
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Best Safety Razor Blades by Brand for the Smoothest Shave

Just like any other shaving product, some blades work better than others. The better (and sometimes pricier) the blade, the better the shave. Price doesn't always matter, though, as you'll see.You want to consider...