Black Widow Barber Straight Razor

Black Widow Straight Razor Review

The Black Widow Straight Razor is everything that you need to get the job done. Although it's part of the executive collection, the price is affordable. That's a huge plus. With the Executive razor,...
Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin Jagger DE89 Review: A Safety Razor That Stands Above The Rest

T he Edwin Jagger DE89 is a safety razor with a heck of a reputation. It is a safety razor that really stands above the rest. If you’ve researched razors or looked up wet shavers, you’ve...
vintage straight razors for sale

Finding Vintage Straight Razors For Sale

When you are buying some vintage razors, you are most likely to be dealing with other people. Follow these tips to learn where to buy from, and what to look out for.
Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor

Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor: What Works Best?

Cartridge razors and safety razors are two of the most popular shaver types currently available. When comparing safety razor vs cartridge razor types, users are often confused as to which one is better for...
a straight razor and a vintage shaving kit

Top 7 Travel Shaving Kit Choices

Shaving is a grooming task most men have to work into their routine in one way or another, and that doesn't stop just because you are traveling. When on the go, it is important...