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A lot of men are making the switch from straight-edge razors to a slant razor (often called “slant”). Anyone who has sensitive skin and/or an unusually thick beard should definitely consider giving slants a try. Users praise the effectiveness of a slant razor for its ability to remove facial and neck stubble with minimal pressure.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most highly reviewed slant razor brands produced around the world. Even if you’re a total shaving noob, by the end of this article, you should know whether or not this type of shaving razor is a good choice for your grooming needs.

1. Above the Tie Atlas S2

an Above the Tie Atlas slant razor

If Merkur represents the standard slant, then the Above the Tie S2 Open Comb Slant Bar is the high-class slant. This classy razor is made of stainless steel and weighs around 2 ounces with a 3-inch handle. People who use the Above the Tie slant say that it gives a slightly aggressive shave. Therefore, you should have some experience with other slants before picking this razor up.

The only bad thing about the Above the Tie product is the cost. These slants currently run for almost $200 each. Since this razor is such a huge investment, it’s not recommended to start off with an Above the Tie slant. The Above the Tie slant razor was designed specifically for experienced shaving professionals.

2. Ikon X3 Slant Head Razor

an Ikon slant razor on a white background

In order to reduce the cost to meet the target market’s needs, Ikon has changed this razor’s head. Initially, it was made of stainless steel and now it contains aluminum as its main material. Despite this decision, Ikon razor remains one of the most expensive slants in our list. The handle has a bulldog-style design, and it is shorter than other slants.

You will be pleased with how well this razor works right from the first shave. Therefore, you will probably think it is worth to pay $70 to purchase this razor. Many men that have used it state they feel safe when shaving with the Ikon razor because its shape helps you avoid cuts.

3. Merkur 37C & 39C Slants

a Merkur slant razor on a table

For a long time, Merkur was the only company producing slant razors. Luckily for the consumer, there are more options on the slant market nowadays. That doesn’t mean Merkur is an old fashioned brand, however. Indeed, all “new” slant models use Merkur’s basic design in their plans.

If you intend to try something new other than the popular Merkur safety razor, the two legendary slants put out by this German company include the Merkur 37C and the Merkur 39C.

The only difference between these two razors is the handle. The 37C has shorter “heavy duty” handle, whereas the 39C’s handle is both thinner and longer. Any ladies reading this article might like to try out the 39C for themselves. The longer handle is great not only for people with larger hands; it’s also great for shaving legs and armpits. Perhaps the best thing about Merkur’s razors is the price.

You can easily find both of these blades for around $50 or even less. That’s a great price for this German-crafted slant razor. Moreover, any newbies to the slant shaving world should definitely look into purchasing a Merkur razor. The Merkur razor gives you a great sense of what slant razors are all about. One such product will help you notice the differences between various slant brands.

4. RazoRock Stealth Slant

a fancy RazoRock slant razor

Both the Merkur and Above the Tie slants are far easier to order than the elusive RazoRock Stealth Slant. RazoRock just dipped its toes into the slant shaving world with this sleek black product a year ago. Ever since that time, the company has created a great deal of buzz in the shaving community. RazoRock only released this stealth slant in its prototype form to a limited number of customers.

Despite the fact that these prototypes were sold at $200 a pop, they went like hotcakes online. People who got their grubby little hands on one of these razors can’t stop singing RazoRock’s praises. Everyone says they really enjoy this slant’s mildly aggressive shave. Today, you can purchase this slant for only $25, on Amazon.

If you are looking to upgrade your slant razor collection, you should definitely keep an eye on RazoRock’s latest product releases. The company intends to sell this slant razor sometime in the near future. The easiest way to keep up with the latest news on this razor is to follow the RazoRock’s Twitter page.

5. Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb

a Phoenix Bakelite slant razor close-up

The Bakelite razor¬†is made of a hard plastic. However, don’t let this detail fool you. It is a solid and durable razor that also has the advantage of being lighter than other similar products. Moreover, it works perfectly for those of you who are not used to put a lot of pressure while shaving.

It is a 2-in-1 product, providing both a razor and an open comb. Also, most guys like this slant due to its features but also its price. You will receive a clean shave without irritations or other skin issues for the price of $20.

Summing It Up

As you could tell from this list, there aren’t a lot of slant razor brands on the current market. While information about slants is becoming more widely accessible, only shaving connoisseurs seem to be interested in purchasing these razors.

In a few years, however, most shaving critics believe the slant razor will soon make it into the mainstream. After more slants become available for lower prices, more and more men with sensitive skin will start trying them out.

Whether you want to try a current brand or wait for more slants to become available, it’s clear that razor producers are gearing up for an epic slant battle.

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